Stonemasonry Services

High quality workmanship is guarenteed

We provide qualified stonemasons to undertake any type of stonework from drystone walls in garden landscapes to new build facing stonework.

We specialise in using sympathetic products such as natural lime for old buildings and they are also used to create aesthetic finishes in new build stone walls. Our services include:


Stone walls and brickwork in both lime and Portland cement mortar.

New build and facing stonework

Cavity wall, roadside boundary walls, repair work to old buildings, garden walls, openings with lintels and quoins, pillars and gate posts, memorial seats and features.

Stone cutting and bespoke pieces

We can cut, shape and finish granite to your requirements.

Repair and cleaning

We remove old mortar and renders, repair dilapidated areas of masonry, clean and replenish old and soiled masonry.